Recently, I found myself “preemptively disappointed.” Has that ever happened to you? I had plans to do something fun with my sister but another obligation came up involving someone else. I was afraid I couldn’t complete this obligation and still join my sister.

So I told my sister I couldn’t make it. She pushed back, saying what I had to do shouldn’t take all day.

And she was right. I was able to do both. I had fun and met an obligation that was important to me, all in the same day.

At the beginning of the day, though, it seemed easier to give up on my plan to have some fun rather than to keep hoping it would work out.

Preemptive disappointment: What a waste of time.

I’m glad my sister called me on my negative thinking because it led me to make a positive change. When my thoughts were more positive, I felt better, which led me to find a solution that allowed me to have fun and do what I needed to do.

Sometimes I can do it for myself but sometimes it helps to have other people show you how you are sabotaging yourself.

Do you ever experience preemptive disappointment?

If you do, does that serve you?