Healing Choices

The Gift of Silence

The week after Thanksgiving I headed out to Whidbey Island, off the coast of Seattle, for The Self as Source of the Story (SAS), a writing retreat/seminar with Christina Baldwin. I’ve worked with Christina in the past so I knew I was in for a treat: Five full days to...

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Practice Makes Progress

A client recently described a situation where she basically watched herself behave like a self-conscious, insecure teenager (she’s middle-aged) and she couldn’t stop herself. “I told myself to stop thinking about it and I did…for about 10 seconds. Then I was right...

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Part 2: Still Standing

Last time I posted to this blog, I wrote about how I almost bailed on my Intro to Standup class (and myself.) But I didn’t. I stuck it out. I went to every class and I got on stage every time after week 3, when I sat in my seat praying class would end before my turn...

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Part 1: Standup—or Sit Down?

I almost bailed on the Intro to Standup class I took this summer. (I wrote about it here.) Some of the people in my class had been doing standup for years; others had only tried it a few times. I’m pretty sure I was the only one who’d never done it before. Or maybe I...

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Intro to Standup?

A couple of month ago, I got an email from ImprovBoston letting me know registration was open for the next session of classes. Over the past few years, I’ve taken a few improv classes and I thought it would be fun (and slightly scary) to take another one. But the next...

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Two Days

I had a great day yesterday. I got up early with my son and we got ready for the day together. I dropped him off at school and had a great workout at the Y, then I showered and ate an early lunch that was healthy and delicious. I worked on an important project for a...

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Conversation with Fear

For some reason—okay, maybe because I’m working on a big, scary goal—I got the image of me and fear sitting on a park bench. Or should I say Fear? Anyway, we sat down on this park bench together to talk. The sky was full of angry, dark clouds roiling in the gusty...

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First Do No Harm

Complaining is a Choice

When we complain about a situation, or “vent,” we are actually releasing some of the pressure we feel when we are in the situation, so it feels slightly less intolerable.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

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The Love Is Free

I remember asking a new patient I’d just put on an antidepressant to come back and see me within two weeks and again after she’d been on the medication for six weeks.
“Why, so you can make more money off me?”

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Stop Saying “Yes”

Once upon a time, doctors wrote short notes about their patients so they would remember what they’d been thinking about when the patient was last seen. They’d write down the symptoms, the physical exam, and the diagnosis and treatment plan. Enough so they or one of...

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Take A Breath

Once when I was a resident, I rotated with a brilliant specialist for a month. He was funny, didn’t suffer fools gladly, and he was very good to his patients. One day we walked briskly to the door of one of his exam rooms. He pulled the patient chart from the holder...

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The Visit Includes The Charting

I had a colleague once, when I was working at a residency, who gave what I thought was great advice to the residents with regard to the EMR: “Write a crappy note now, or a crappier note later.” Now, I know this is not what you want to hear, but truthfully, is your...

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