Often, I have a hard time saying “no.”

But if I can’t say no, then I can’t really say, “yes.”

If “no” is not on the table, then I believe I have no choice. I have no boundary. Whatever you want is what I feel I have to give. So my “yes” is really, “I have to.”

I don’t want people’s “yes” to me to be: “I have to.” I want it to be a real “yes.”

And I want my “yes” to be true and honest. Which means my “no”  has to be, too.

So I’m really trying, in 2015, to give authentic answers to requests.

Which means I need to give people the opportunity to say “no” with no guilt trip, no strings, no sulking.

Then I’ll get a real “yes.”

One thing I’ve noticed since trying to give my honest answer to requests: I’m less afraid to ask for something. If I can say “no,” so can you.

So I’ll ask and you tell me the truth–do you want to do this for me or don’t you?

I’d really like to know.