A few weeks ago, I had lunch with some of the students in my improvisational comedy class. One of my classmates mentioned that registration was open for the next session of classes. She said she’d wanted a Saturday class but all the classes were sold out except Sunday. “They’re going fast!”

I checked the schedule on my smart phone and saw, indeed, all the classes except one were filled. Luckily, Sunday, the best day of the week for me to take class, was still available. I texted my husband to check in with him about our family schedule to see if I’d be able to take the next class.

While I waited for his reply, the conversation moved on to other topics. Another student brought the conversation back to the next class session and mentioned that he wanted to sign up for a weeknight class. Realizing he hadn’t heard the earlier conversation, I brought him up to speed and told him there was only one class left.

He got out his smart phone and signed up for the Sunday class.

A few minutes later, my husband texted me back with the all clear and I went to the website to sign up for class. It was filled.

“Oh, no!” My classmates commiserated with me, and the student next to me said, “Sorry, I guess I got the last spot.”

“It’s okay,” I said, partly so he wouldn’t feel bad and partly because it’s true. “The universe is friendly. It’ll all work out.”

Everyone agreed and the conversation moved on.

Later that day I emailed the class organizer to get on the waitlist. I said I’d take any weekend class. He wrote back to say I was first on the list for the Sunday class.


I explored the website for more classes. I’m currently taking Improv Level 301, and was hoping to sign up for the 401 class, but now I couldn’t get into 401 so what else could I do?

I found a stand-up comedy class, which I had never considered. If improv sounds scary (and it ¬did—before I started my first class,) stand-up sounds terrifying! But I read through the class description and it’s more about writing comedy than performing—and they use improv techniques as a basis for the class. I started to get interested. When I saw the class was scheduled for Sundays, I thought it was meant to be.

While I was considering the stand-up comedy class, I got an email from the school saying a spot had opened up in the 401 class on Sunday.

So now I’m signed up for 401 and I know what class I’m going to take after I finish 601.

This is yet another sign (to me) that the universe is friendly.

Have you seen any signs lately?