”I continue to really appreciate you and the work we did together. I feel as though I am a more whole and happy person. There are still plenty of things that come up that can be stressful, but I think I manage it better with the tools you’ve given me.”
--Anne, Family Medicine Physician

I occasionally struggle inordinately with making big decisions in life, and it was in one of those episodes that I first went to Diane.  Most importantly, she helped me focus on what was most meaningful to me.  She also encouraged me to develop my own system of setting priorities, from the daily to monthly to yearly to the rest of my life.  It's a system that I have continued to refine and use daily ever since.  It has really given me the sense of having a personal compass during uncertain times."
--Robert, Business Owner

"I believe that Marianne Williamson is correct: 'Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.' Diane has a wonderfully respectful way of helping me move past my fears and welcome my gifts and talents."
--Donna, CEO

"Your gentle guidance and support has lead me to where I am today.  A year and a half ago I was exhausted, anxious and confused.   I felt trapped and  was so unhappy in my work life but didn't know how or trust myself to change it.  Your systematic approach led me through  exercises  that helped me clarify what I needed to change and then empowered me to take action.  I became aware of what I wanted and needed for my life and was able to stop living according to someone elses expectations. My confidence  continues to grow as I continue to practice tuning into myself.  I am now fulfilling a lifelong dream to own a creative business and work for myself. I will be ever grateful for your compassionate guidance!"
--Lori, Registered Nurse, Business Owner

"Good grief, to fully give credit to Diane's coaching abilities I would need a sheet of paper as long as The Great Wall of China. Diane coaches from the heart. I had been stumbling around with a lot of the tools, but never seemed to be able to fully open the toolbox. The toolbox is now open and the workshop has become an amazing collaborative journey in observation, magic and miracles... accomplishments celebrated and pathways taken which may have remained closed had I not been blessed with the gift of Diane's talents, guidance, support and insight. Thank you for sharing with me Diane."
--Dinah, Retiree

"I have never met anyone quite as genuine as Diane. I can say that Diane extends a loving hand of friendship, and walks with you, guiding you to what you already know you want and can do for yourself. We always know in our souls what is best for us-that is called intuition, but life happens and we lose sight of who we are and what makes us happy. Diane shares the journey with us until we find our way back to ourselves.
--Edna, Educator