Individual Life Coaching
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Discovery Session:
Free 55 minute introductory coaching session, to allow you to get to know my coaching style. I enjoy meeting and coaching all types of people and I look forward to having a coaching conversation with you.

click here to schedule a Discovery Session appointment.

Coaching Options:
Once you have done your Discovery Session and decided to coach with me, please check out my coaching packages below. I want to work with people who really want to move forward toward the life of their dreams, and that’s why I’ve decided to offer coaching packages. Once you choose a package, please click the button to pay and I will send you a Welcome Package via snail mail and you can choose your next appointment by
clicking here.

Coaching Package #1: 4 coaching sessions. Each session is $150 for a total investment of $600.

Coaching Package #2: 8 coaching sessions. Each session is discounted 10% for a total investment of $1,080.

Coaching Package #3: 12 Coaching Sessions. Each session is discounted 15% for a total investment of $1,530.

One Month of Email Coaching:
I also take a few email coaching clients per month. If you are interested in email coaching, here are the details:

Together, we will set a schedule for 8 email sessions, twice per week for four consecutive weeks. On the scheduled dates, you'll send me an email about your concerns (such as an area of least satisfaction, where you're feeling stuck, what you need help with, etc.) We'll have a coaching conversation via email over the day (usually at least three emails each), creating a thread on each of the 8 dates.
Investment: $500.00