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Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Life Coach

I am Diane MacKinnon: a Master Certified Life Coach, writer, family physician, speaker, and Circle Practitioner.

I have spent the last twenty years helping people create healthier lives--with my medical training and my life coach training--and, always, with my heart.

I can help you, too.

If you are ready to
lead your life, to make some positive changes, or to get unstuck, I can help. Martha Beck once told me to start coaching people around the life topics and situations that I’ve encountered--basically, where I’ve been to hell and back. Since I’ve been there and back in a number of different ways over the years, I’ve gained some insights. The most important thing I’ve learned is this: you can always get back to a life of joy, no matter how far down the road to hell you think you’ve gone. I can show you how.

If you are a
caregiver, I can help you rediscover the joy of caring for others--without losing your own soul.

If you are a
medical provider, I can help you tame the chaos of all the roles you have to play and all the tasks you have to do, and help you enjoy your work and your life again.

If you are a
stepparent, I can help you navigate the complicated waters of creating and/or sustaining a blended family.

If you are
unhappy with your weight or your state of health, I can help you create a healthy lifestyle without any deprivation or diets.

If you
trained and sacrificed for years in service to one career, only to find it didn’t feed your soul once you mastered it, I can help you use the skills you have to fuel your current passion and create a work life that you love.

Are you ready?

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diane@dianemackinnon.com or 603-897-9232 or just click here to schedule a free Discovery Session.