Healing Choices

Why I Meditate

You are not your thoughts. I am not my thoughts. Meditating helps me remember this. When I meditate, I watch my thoughts come and go, like clouds in the sky. I focus on my breath until I realize I’m not focusing on my breath—I realize I’m thinking a thought. Then I...

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Money Beliefs

What are your money beliefs? We all have them, whether we realize it or not. For example, I have a friend who believes money is a tool that helps him live a great life. My friend budgets for the things he needs, saves for the things he wants, and has no debt. He is...

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Weight Loss and Awareness

Recently, I spoke to a client who wanted to lose weight. At a certain point, I mentioned I’d lost 18 pounds last summer (over a 4-month period). When she asked me how I’d done it, I briefly explained I’d given up certain foods for 30 days and still hadn’t gone back to...

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Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain

Back in April, I was in a lot of pain from recurring headaches. Physical pain, yes, but when I really looked at the pain and the causes of it, I realized I was making it worse with my thoughts about it. Dr. Steven Hayes, a psychologist and the pioneer of Acceptance...

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The Universe is Friendly

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with some of the students in my improvisational comedy class. One of my classmates mentioned that registration was open for the next session of classes. She said she’d wanted a Saturday class but all the classes were sold out except...

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Unspoken Expectations

In the past, I’ve written about unspoken expectations. My friend, Brooke Castillo, calls this The Manual. Just like your dishwasher comes with a manual all about how to make it work properly, we tend to have unspoken rules about how the people in our lives should...

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Riding the Wave of Grief

On Saturday morning as I was folding laundry I was suddenly overwhelmed with grief. I am not someone who cries easily but I felt the tears coming and I let them. I folded laundry and cried and thought about my loved one. By the time I was finished folding the last...

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Preemptive Disappointment

Recently, I found myself “preemptively disappointed.” Has that ever happened to you? I had plans to do something fun with my sister but another obligation came up involving someone else. I was afraid I couldn’t complete this obligation and still join my sister. So I...

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Breathing Room

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go running before I picked my son up from school. I went to the park, stretched, and headed out. Something felt different, though, and I realized I had my phone in one hand but I didn’t have my key in the other hand. As soon as I...

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First Do No Harm

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